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EAD 2015 Post 2 - Stargate Atlantis - Untitled
Stargate Atlantis John/Rodney soulmate fic set in the AU with Rod McKay and Dr. John Sheppard.  This would have been my contribution to Rough Trade had I decided to go ahead wih it.

John Sheppard has spent most of his life pissed at whom ever decided soulmates was a good thing.


Dr. Rodney M. McKay, or Rod to his friends, stared out at the horizon from the balcony of Atlantis. He’d been in this version of the city of the Ancestors for almost three days. From his limited explorations, the city wasn’t that different from his own. Sure there was a slight color difference in the walls, and the layout of a few rooms was not the same. The most striking difference he seen so far were in the faces of the people he knew and in the faces he didn’t recognize. Overall though, it was Atlantis but it didn’t feel like home.

He’d been working with their version of Rodney McKay on a bridge project when Colonel John Sheppard came to drag him away to hit a few golf balls. And wasn’t that the strangest thing he’d encountered since coming here. John Sheppard. So similar to the John Sheppard he left behind in the other universe but different in ways he couldn’t count. His John Sheppard was hard and bitter about the disappointments life had given him.

He glanced down at his wrist. His John Sheppard. What a joke. It was too late for what might have beens. He only had regrets at this point.

Rod was startled out of his thoughts as Colonel John Sheppard asked as he prepared to strike at the ball. “So were you and he involved?”

Rod didn’t need to ask whom Colonel Sheppard was referring to. “No. Why do you ask?”

Colonel Sheppard asked, “Then what’s up with the tattoo on your wrist?”

“It’s my soul mate mark.” Rod shrugged his shoulders as he took the club and positioned himself at the tee.

“Soul mate?” John asked like he didn’t understand what Rod meant by soul mate.

Rod just looked back at him.

“Soul mate?” John asked again.

Rod blinked at him and straightened up from the tee, puzzled. “Eh? You know Soul Mates. The whole SMG thing? I don’t know. Maybe you call it something else here.”

“SMG?” John probed him for more info.

It suddenly dawned on Rod. “You don’t know what the SMG is?” He never even considered a universe that didn’t have soul mates.

John shook his head in denial. “No. What is it?”

Rod started to explain, “The SMG is the soul mate gene. Surely you’ve heard of it before?”

“Not outside of fan fiction.” John told him.

Thinking to himself, crazy alternate universes. Rod snorted and prepared himself to start a mini-lecture. “The Soul Mate Gene is just that. It’s a genetic marker that identifies someone’s soul mate. It activates during early puberty and identifies a name when that person just about ends puberty. Before the Star Gate Command, no one knew where it came from of course.

Not everyone on Earth has the marker. A few fruitcakes in history, religious persecution, famine, disease, kept the numbers to a relatively small population. However, the number of individuals with the SMG started increasing with population booms. Now, roughly 70% of the population has the gene.

We know more now that the Star Gate came into play and we found out about the Ancients. While not public knowledge, SG scientists know that the Ancients had the gene and the trait was passed down to their descendants on Earth. Not everyone is ATA active but they have the soul mate gene.”

John appeared to take his time packing up the golf equipment. “What name did your John have on his wrist?”

Rod glanced away from him.

“Yeah, thought so. Your leaving like you did was a really shitty thing to do him.” John told him.

Rod just stared back over the horizon and nodded. He was beginning to realize that.

He thought more about what Colonel Sheppard said as Rod readied himself for bed that night. Colonel Sheppard and Dr. Sheppard couldn’t be more alike and still have similarities. They way walked, the lazy drawl to the quick tempered statements.

The next day…

Rod stared into his counterpart’s eyes trying to share how important it was that he at least try to return home. “My John may be a know it all, but he’s mine. You of all people know what that means. I have to try.”

When he left his Atlantis he didn’t think there would be a way to return home and he’d been willing to live with it. However, with the discovery that the bridge was still open, there was a small chance that he could return using the connection and utilizing the Asgard beaming technology on the Daedalus which was still in orbit.

It was chance he had to take. The past few days on this Atlantis had been a revelation and it was better to try to go home then to live the rest of his life without John.

Thoughts of John swirled through his mind. Not the John of this Atlantis, but his John. The John that he left behind, knowing what they could mean to each other. This John was bizarre, not at all like Dr. John Sheppard, PhD, PhD, as he introduced himself to everyone he met. It was a habit Rod had spent years trying to break him of and he wasn’t about to give up now.

He handed the mini-computer to Rodney and went to the designated transport site. “Hermiod, I’m ready.” He nodded goodbye to Rodney and vanished in a white flare.

The next thing Rod saw was the lab with Radek, John, Elizabeth, and Jeannie at the central computer. He closed his eyes in relief that he returned. He knew he was in a world of grief over the decision to leave.

What Rod didn’t expect upon returning home was the punch to the face and then darkness as his head hit the floor.

EAD Post 1 - The Walking Dead Sentinel Fusion - Scent of the Dead
This is a Daryl Dixon / Beth Greene fanfic. Daryl is a sentinel and Beth is his guide. The story picks up after the CDC and the group is on the way to the farm.


It was horrific. The scent of the dead and decaying flesh surrounded him as the walkers surged by the group he was beginning to think of as his tribes hiding place on the road outside Atlanta. In addition to the smells of death around him, the wind, which came from the direction of city, carried the scent and taste of the ash from the explosion at the Centers for Disease Control. Daryl Dixon could nearly taste the charred flesh if he concentrated hard enough.

The combination of the smell and taste made him gag.

A wet cloth hit him in the face and he looked over at Rick Grimes. Nodding in thanks, he placed the rag over his mouth and nose to use as a filter. It didn’t help much.

He stretched out his hearing to check on the condition of each member of their group as the herd walked by their hiding places. He heard Andrea’s struggle with a walker in the RV but he saw that Dale was trying to get to her from the roof.

The scent of fresh blood reached him and he shifted his hearing towards the source. The blood was from T-Dog; he heard Glenn’s whispered comments to T-Dog as he crawled toward him to help. He could see Carl under the next car next to him and Rick. He scanned under the other cars and saw both Carol and Lori hiding under a few cars behind the younger Sentinel. Sophia was behind him and Rick under the car next to Lori and Carol. Shane Walsh was hiding further away from them next to what smelled like fresh water.

He focused his attention on Sophia since he knew that the others were taken care off or were in semi-safe places for now. He felt an intense need to make sure that she was okay. Her whimpers were tearing him up inside and the strong drive to protect her almost overwhelmed him; pulling him into a feral state. That would be bad. Many of his fellow Sentinels died in the initial outbreak after succumbing to feral drives in order to defend their Guide and tribes. As for Sophia, he didn’t need to see any test results or symbol to know that she was a Guide. He knew it deep down in the place that made him a Sentinel.

When he was 12 his mama saw to it that he was tested and received the initial training required by federal law when he testing positive for the Sentinel gene. It was the only training he received before his daddy packed them up and took off for the mountains in North Georgia. After his mother died, his father saw to it that he never came into contact with a Sentinel/Guide pair or a rep from the training Center. His dad accomplished this mostly by keeping Daryl from school when the testing teams came through the towns they moved to during his teen years.

He didn’t go to the Sentinel/Guide Training Center when he came online either. The training he received at 12 later saved his sanity and life when he came online at 26 years old. It was through pure will power and limiting his contact with external sources that let him keep control of his senses. The only reason was near Atlanta when the outbreaks began was that was on his way to the main center for Georgia. Merle finally sat him down one day and after arguing for several hours talked him into visiting the center for help as he saw his brother struggling with his senses with increasing difficultly each day. It was a three day zone out that finally convinced him.

However, “protect the guide” was something he understood; he felt it in his blood and soul. He could hear the thundering beat of Sophia’s heart as it sped up in terror. She was projecting her fear to everyone around her and he could see Carl trying to calm her down. It was a struggle but he was maintaining his reason. He then heard the halting gait of a walker as it neared her hiding place. It stumbled over some debris in the road and he felt the slight impact on the ground as the walker fell down next to the car by Sophia. The shrill, piercing sound of her scream caused him to flinch. She scrambled from under the car and into the woods in terror.

He scrambled out from under the truck and raced toward her as she ran into the woods next to the interstate. He could see a few walkers turn back toward the others as he chased after her.

‘She sure can run fast for a little girl,’ he thought to himself as he ran to catch up to her. Lucky for him, but unlucky for her, she was loud as she moved through the surrounding forest. He didn’t need to use his senses much to track her but she was also attracting walkers towards her direction. She let out shrill scream as she ran into another walker. This one was camouflaged in the trees so she hadn’t seen him.

A quick arrow though his head took the walker down. Daryl swept Sophia up into his arms and tossed her onto his back, telling her to hold on tight as he took out a few more walkers.
He felt the nod of her head on the back of his neck as she tightened her arms and legs around him. ‘Good. She’s starting to calm down.’ He could feel the hesitant touch of her mind on his. He froze for a second as he sensed the fleeting touch of another presence in his mind. It was impossible. There couldn’t be another Guide around.

Daryl started back towards the interstate after getting rid of the walkers that had caught up with them. He kept Sophia on his back in case he had to make a run for it. He didn’t hear anything moving nearby, not even wildlife, but it was better to be safe than sorry later.

Writer's Block: My Journey
If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

England! I've always wanted to live in the British Isles. While in the Air Force, I had orders to Lakenheath but there were diverted to Idaho. Idaho of all places. I could definitely live in England for a year.

FIC: My Best Friend
Here is a Joxer story I wrote years ago. It's based on a episode where Discord was carrying around a doll that looked like Ares in The Legendary Journeys episodes, and if Joxer had one as a child. This is as written, no editing changes made.
Warning: Let me tell you I almost cried as I wrote this. I wanted to take this little boy and give him the biggest hug.
Warning 2: This story contains child abuse.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters here so don't sue. Renissance does. (Exactly how do you spell Renissance?)
Rating: PG
Summary: A three year old Joxer received the best birthday present, two years later
it's gone.
My Best Friend
"And then when I'm the best warrior in the whole wide world, I'll build the biggest, bestest temple to you. It'll reach the sky!" As Ares heard the small childish voice in his mind, he called up a mirror to look for the child the voice belonged to.
'Joxer! There you are.' Ares' eyebrows rose as he noted the bruises on the delicate face crying into the doll and frowned.
Joxer's mom had made the doll for her youngest son's birthday two years ago when the boys turned three. It was an instant hit with Joxer. He instantly fell in love with it and he carried it everywhere with him.
The doll came to Ares attention one day when he was bombarded with an intense prayer of such strength and conviction he had to investigate.
To his much surprise the prayer came from a three year old boy. Somehow the doll had opened a direct channel to Ares, but since Ares received energy from the child's prayers, he didn't do anything about it.
He saw promise in the young one. If he managed to grow up, he would lead Ares' army one day.
Ares was already planning to steer the right men toward Joxer to start his training.
But the beatings from his father...'I'll have to deal with that soon.' Ares thought to himself. When he saw that Joxer was asleep, he broke the connection.
As few days passed when he noticed that Joxer hadn't prayed to him lately. He decided to investigate. What he found shocked him. Joxer was laying on his bed, broken, black and blue. The bandage around his head suggested a concussion.
Ares decided that he needed to investigate what had happened further. He looked into the past and found that Joxer's father had almost killed him two days ago when he embarrassed his father before some other warriors.
<<Joxer had approached the table and showed the other warriors the doll and started telling them stories. What Joxer's father didn't know was that the stories were true. Ares sometimes
'talked' to Joxer through the doll. Telling him adventures and great battles.
When the warriors started laughing, Joxer's dad sent him to his room. When the men were gone, his father flung open the door. He then proceeded to beat the small child. The other two huddled in the corner, wrapped around each other. When the child stopped screaming, he picked up the doll, went outside, and threw it in the trash heap.
'That doll! It's not worthy of Ares.' He thought to himself.>>
The anger that Ares felt when the images faded only grew when Joxer woke up two days later.His destiny had changed forever. Gone was the coordination and agility. Gone as the everything that would have made Joxer as leader among men. Joxer didn't even remember what had happened; nor anything about his small life of five year. His best friend was gone.
He didn't even remember it. He only felt a loneliness he couldn't describe.
The day that Joxer woke, his father was called to war where he died, alone and unmourned in a field.
It was late at night when Ares appeared by the barn on the the families homestead. Joxer's uncle had arrived, married his brothers widow, and took over everything. Not much improved. But Ares wasn't too concerned about that. The beatings would stop. He made sure of that. He was here to look for something special.
Ares spotted the doll and pulled it out of the trash. With a small flash the refuse was gone and the doll was the way it was two weeks ago. Even the tear stains were there.
Ares looked toward the house and disappeared. He arrived in his main temple. He walked into his bed room, headed toward the shelves that aligned one wall. Then very gently placed the doll on a shelf. 'I'm sorry. I should have done something sooner.'
The end.



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